The work of these past few months has been one of renewing a relationship with painting as I evolved out of a nearly two decades old exclusive engagement with drawing and marking making. This ongoing body of work is simply titled The Parish House Series: Transfigurations. “Parish House” since St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Halifax where I am Parish Artist-in-Residence has graciously given me a space to work in at the St. Paul’s Parish House, and “transfigurations” because I sense that as I put aside my ego to allow each painting (with varying success) to come into its own splendour and integrity, I too am being transfigured. Particularly with the latest paintings, I see the influence of my first project when hired as Sexton at St. Paul’s three years ago. I began my care of the church by cleaning every stained glass window in the nave. I used only a finger wrapped in a shammy, moistened with demineralized water; it was a very intimate relationship that ensued with the windows. When working so close to the glass there was a disorientation and intoxication as their imagery fell away and I was immersed in abstract shapes of intense hues. Thinking theologically of our understanding of “icon” I see my paintings as icon-like, however, unlike the traditional interaction with icons, I hope the viewer senses being in the membrane/icon itself – as I do when I am absorbed in painting them – and therefore positioned in a liminal space, a thin space acted upon both the Created order and the Divine.